6 Must Have Wordpress Plugins

Congratulations of setting up a Wordpress Blog. now you need to install essential Wordpress Plugins that will help you perform and rank even higher than your competitors.
In my experience, there are quite several Wordpress Plugins every blog must have installed - regardless of the niche market. Wordpress plugins help bloggers, like myself, perform certain tasks which Wordpress platform doesn't offer out of the box. In this article, I’m going to list a few very significant, free plugins you need to have on your new blog. However, If you don't have a blog already, I have written an article that will help setup Wordpress blog quickly.

Free Wordpress Plugins

Here are the top must-have Wordpress plugins for your new blog.

1. Yoast SEO

yoast-seo The most popular SEO plugin ever used on Wordpress. The plugin is very important in such a way, it will give you all the issues related to your blog post ranking. If you wish to rank well on Google or any other search engines, you must definitely install Yoast SEO. I personally like it, I use on this website as well.

2. Jetpack

jetpack Wordpress plugin that brings to your website - design, marketing and security services. I usually use the plugin for tracking user engagement. It's very accurate. Some bloggers even recommend Jetpack over Google analytics.

3. WP Smush Image Compression

smush-compression Google hates slow loading and performing websites. Guess what usually makes your website slow. Big images. To avoid that, WP Smush is the solution. The plugin is so amazing. It will compress each image you upload for your blog posts. Your images will simply be ready for web in no time and increase your website speed.

4. Google XML Sitemap Generator

xml-sitemap To rank well, search engines needs to understand your content structure using sitemaps. Obviously Yoast SEO helps you with sitemap generations however this wordpress plugin is recommended to be the best. Many bloggers use Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin because it creates well organised and automated sitemaps. You also can choose what should be included in your sitemaps.

5. Broken Link Checker

broken-links Websites with broken links tends to rank lower than others. You need to carefully watch for broken links, Broken Link Checker will do the job for you in the background. The plugin will go through your entire website and check for broken links. You don't want to do that yourself - right?

6. Contact 7

contact-7 Who wouldn't like some feedback about their blog. Customers wants to send you testimonials! Contact 7 Wordpress plugin can help you manage multiple forms for your blog. Very flexible. You can create contact forms, get a free quotation inquiry form, newsletter forms and so on.