Why Mashashane is not developing fast enough

Many would ask the very same question, why do we seem this slow in developing our community? Why are some villages in Mashashane developing faster than others? Maybe the problem isn't the development itself, just few of the commuters really don't understand what development is or rather the information is kept by the few withholding all the opportunities with their greed to enriching themselves and their families.

Firstly lets clear the obvious, what exactly is development in rural areas. Rural Development simply means community leaders and resource suppliers come up with development ideas such as economical development, infrastructure, schools, and business development. But let's be honest, all the schools currently running in Mashashane were developed and built by the apartheid government.

This is where most of the community members at Mashashane misunderstand a lot of the stuff, from the simple definition of rural development, it says "community leaders and resource providers", who are these community leaders and resource providers. I bet 90% of the community don't even know their ward, nor their ward officer, or their political leaders, but vote each and every time there's a chance. Maybe if we knew, things would have been different by now. Most of them vote because they wanna remove president Jacob Zuma as president forgetting to start with their own political leaders.

Let's discuss all the projects that are run through Mashashane developments. Firstly when they were renovating the Magandangele High School, some information leaked stating that each and every employee working on that project from Mashashane, a percent from their salaries will be deducted going into the Mashashane Trust Fund. A new project has been running by Eskom, same thing is still happening, a certain percent goes into the trust fund. The question many should be asking is how much exactly is in that Community Trust Fund? Who is responsible for that account? What's the money used for since it's just piling up?

There was another tar road infrastructure development running in Mashashane recently, the road goes from MK T-Junction to the tribal offices? Why is it only going to the chief's area, who is funding that project? What exactly do the Chief Leadership help the community with? We would recall the latest protest to the chief home for the stand-purchase price increase. New movement was formed, Mashashane Community Development Forum (MCDF) which helped hundreds of community members find work in the locally run development projects. At the same time, we still have ANC as the ruling municipal party in Mashashane, what were they doing when people didn't have jobs, did they know about these projects and kept quite because they're benefiting?

Let's discuss education, many of us studied without text books, not enough teachers at the schools, more teachers put on selected schools, schools closes down because of lack of teachers which lead to lack of learner performances like Botsikana High in Ga-Matlapa, Milente High School in Ga-Kgasha. Some if not all schools in urban areas now uses Ipads and Tablets to study yet schools in rural areas still struggle with simple text books. Question goes to the leaders in Mashashane, what are they doing about this particular issue, but they wouldn't know right because their children are learning in private institution where quality education is. Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan has allocated a budget of R204 billion for basic education for the coming three years. where is all this money going to since the infrastructure is already there? We need to know. Someone must know.

Lets talk sports, we've had great sports men from Mashashane, Johannes Kekana, a gold medalist athelete. Here's the reality, I think he's the only one successful in sports from the entire community, this could be all true. How many soccer leagues have the teams in Mashashane played? how much did those leagues really had in for incentives? What are our gate keepers doing to improve our sports? Is their greed in front of the rest of the people's opportunities? Maybe if these kind of information is exposed to people in sports, things would have been different, people could have gone into more important stuff in their lives than wasting their time on some no-results-pay competitions.

A mall was supposed to have been developed for the community of Mashashane, all was set to go, land was found, long meetings were addressed, everything was ready to go. Suddenly everything stopped, what happened to that, people were promised jobs, now they're stuck with hope. We want a near-by community shopping centre, faster internet for all. But no, it's happening anytime soon. We all understand there's no government that own malls, they're mostly owned by private entities, but either way, what's the name of the company that was interested in helping the community with a shopping centre. Who did they have meetings with?

We want to know all this gate-keepers in Mashashane. Stop with your greed and help develop our community. We would also recall when former President Nelson Mandela visited our community just after he was released from prison because Mashashane has lost many lives and fought many battles against the apartheid government. So why is Mashashane suddenly nothing but a rural community in Polokwane.