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Where to find jobs without qualifications


As you may know, the most common ways one can earn money is by finding a job that pays salaries, whether monthly or weekly. However the real question that most people face nowadays is how do you find a job when you don’t have a matric certificate or any related certificates

If you walk around in your CV looking for jobs, you will then learn that there are many people in firms that don’t have some sort of certification. You will be happy to know that not every job requires matric or certificate but mostly requires skills and working experience. We know many guys that does welding without matric or any related certificate but produce world-sold products. Sometimes it just takes enough training or rather dedication and commitment to learn in order to make it in life

Luckily, there are many resources to look for these kind of jobs. One can reach out the internet for some creditable recruitment agencies for jobs for everyone. Please note that there are many job portals on the internet to an extend that one is unable to distinguish between them. Below are some of the popular and legit portals that have been helping thousands of people nationwide for years.


Once you get employed, please do not just enjoy the benefit of getting a salary each month, explore, do more than just your role in order to move to higher ranks even if you still don’t have a certificate. However it would be wise to get yourself a certificate as soon as you are employed.