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Where to find government jobs, sites you may not have thought of


Who doesn’t need a government job? If you haven’t asked this question at least once, you’re probably working for a good company with great perks. With so many recruiting agents in South Africa promising job seekers all this kind of positions, it’s very difficult to actually find the right job you need.

There are also so many government website duplicates online which makes the process even harder to know which is legit. The following links comes directly from the government’s website, they have to be legit. On the website, www.gov.za, they explain how each department advertise posts, through newspapers and websites.

From their website: “Advertised posts in all government departments and provincial governments are listed on the Department of Public and Administration website“.

Here are the sites to find government jobs

Vacancies advertised on the websites of national government departments

  1. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  2. Arts and Culture
  3. Basic Education
  4. Civilian Secretariat for Police
  5. Commission on Gender Equality
  6. Communications
  7. Cooperative Governance
  8. Correctional Services
  9. Defence
  10. Economic Development
  11. Energy
  12. Environmental Affairs
  13. Government Communication and Information System
  14. Health
  15. Higher Education and Training
  16. Home Affairs
  17. Human Settlements
  18. Independent Police Investigative Directorate
  19. International Relations and Cooperation
  20. Justice and Constitutional Development
  21. Labour
  22. Military Veterans
  23. Mineral Resources
  24. National School of Government
  25. National Treasury
  26. Office of the Chief Justice
  27. Parliament of South Africa
  28. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  29. Police
  30. Public Enterprises
  31. Public Service and Administration
  32. Public Service Commission
  33. Public Works
  34. Rural Development and Land Reform
  35. Statistics SA
  36. Sport and Recreation
  37. Social Development
  38. Small Business Development
  39. SA Revenue Service
  40. SA Police Service
  41. Telecommunications and Postal Services
  42. The Presidency
  43. Tourism
  44. Transport
  45. Trade and Industry
  46. Traditional Affairs
  47. Water Affairs
  48. Women