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WhatsApp now allows users to delete accidental messages


After a long struggle with embarrassing and text sent to wrong people, WhatsApp Messenger is rolling out a new feature that will allow people to delete messages for everyone. The latest update of the application will by default include this feature, update yours today.

How it works currently is that if it happens that one send a message or text to wrong recipient, they won’t be able to remove the message from the recipient’s device but themselves. Remember the app is used to communicate business deals, important information between friends and families, you can just imagine sending wrong info to a friend, how embarrassing would you be. This was the only most complaint about feature about the popular used messaging app. With the new feature, WhatsApp Messenger is probably going to gain even more users in the coming years.

The new feature allows people to remove sent accidental messages on both ends or everyone within seven (7) minutes. In that period, a text will be removed from the recipient’s device as well as yours, isn’t that cool?

To remove a wrong chats for everyone, please press and hold on the text and in the options choose delete and then select delete for everyone in the menu options. This option will help protect user information from being exposed to wrong people.

Update your app today and get the latest version with a “delete for everyone” feature.


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