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WhatsApp launches Video calling


FACEBOOK-owned WhatsApp Messenger launched a new feature today, ‘video calling‘ for it’s billions of user around the world. The feature is available to these mobile platforms, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. WhatApp aims at bigger things than just being a chat service, they want to become the top international cross-platform FaceTime.

How to use WhatsApp new feature
First and fare most, you will need to update your application if disabled auto-update on your mobile platform. Launch WhatsApp and hit the call icon on your top right corner. You will notice a new popup which asks you to select voice or video call any contact in your phone. Choose video to make the call with facetime. You can always switch back to voice call anytime during the video conversation. You can also choose to use the back or front camera during the call itself.

The user interface may vary based on the individual operating system standard requirements since they are all different. However the functionality is all the same.

WhatsApp is simply catching up with a pool of existing technologies already available to use online. They will be competing with the likes of Skype, Apple FaceTime, Viber LINE and Google Duo. However they have a slide advantage over those legendary and legacy platforms, they’re cross-platform which means can be used with any device regardless of the operating system. For example, FaceTime works only with Apple devices.