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What has the lovely Rainbow Nation turned into


Every single day, the sons and daughters of the South African soil are deprived of their rights and the masses at large are too scared to report those committing such crimes. We learn of robberies, murders, rape cases causing an abrupt in the nation. The youth must not have fear in divulging such crimes. All these cases are against Section 12 of chapter 2 in the Constitution of South Africa. 

Our sisters get mugged, raped and murdered. Children are becoming victims of human trafficking and get forced into child labour. When all these acts erupt, an average citizen turns the blind eye.  

 An eye for an eye might be making the world blind, but one can’t let a perfectly baked cake be wasted by an unwanted ingredient. False alarm or not, we must not be afraid to report these criminals for their criminal acts; major and minor. We can’t let the freedom our forefathers fought for be destroyed by the minority. One hand washes the other, and this leaves the body in good health. 

 Let us return to the spirit of Ubuntu and eradicate all sorts of tragedy striking the nation.   

 Divided we fall, but together we stand. All these sorts of crimes cannot overpower the voice of Mzansi. Let us ask the Lord for strength and help in keeping each other secure and safe.