We Must Be Allowed To Sleep At Work!

The system tells us to never sleep at work. But why not? All living species on this planet with social characters sleeps during the day. I want to sleep during the day like any other social beings. Chimps, Guerrilla, Monkeys, Lions, cats, goats, sheep and all the do sleep during the day. Why not us? And this rather piss off the capitalist who want to use our labour for his own profits. I have been doing this for all my life, I sleep just after lunch. At times, I would also stop and park the car under the tree to sleep. It is how I feel as a human being.

All animals on earth sleep during midday. And it is only a human being who have to work and work and work and never rest. This reduces the chances of people of ever enjoying themselves as members of social living species. A human being over-work, over-load, over-produce, over-eat and over-stress themselves. That is why they over-take life and die tragically. It is the over-production motivated by capitalist profits that turns people different to other animals of social characters. The culture of capitalism, of over production, turns human beings into machines - it makes people to be controlled with time like machines. They even makes us alarm clocks never to be late. I will never have that in my room.

Human beings, like any other social living species, have to work to meet their immediate needs and for survival. In the old communal societies, people worked in groups for common causes and they met their collective need as a society. But in capitalist work, where the production is not planned based on the social needs, this kind of work is exploitative based on profits. For capitalist profits, human beings have to over-work but under-paid. The difference is capitalist gains; the money from the income earned and wages paid is capitalist profits, not for collective social benefits.

This is predetermined in the capitalist society through education and schooling. The children are taught in schools, universities and colleges that they would have to show that they are either "Pro-active", "Hard Workers", "Goal orientated", "Time savers" and "qualified" and so on, to be absorbed in the capitalist system of production. Once you show these qualities then you can be a good slave. for exploitation. The school are 8 hours, and so is work. They train us from the early ages to be used to be away for 8 hours.

In Spain, the authorities in 2013 have passed a law that legalised sleeping at work, and forces companies to give their employees 3 hours of sleep after lunch. They call it "Siesta". A siesta (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsjesta]) is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries, particularly those where the weather is warm. The pro-left party have reduced working hours from 8 to 5, and until other capitalist government come to power to reverse it to 8, they are gonna enjoy their work.

In South Africa, since we live in warmer environment we need a Siesta time. We need the law that can be passed to reduce the working hours from 8 to 5 a day. Which means 2 people for 1 work. We could increase employment, fair productivity and close the gaps. This will provide people enough time to become human beings again and not machines. The law should force the companies to build resting rooms with beds for Siesta moment. This will increase life expectancy from 57 to 78 in South Africa as people would have time to grow their own fresh food, socialise, exercise and stay away from these heavyly polluted cities.

However, the bourgeoisie thoughts would oppose this kind of thinking, citing "Productivity decline". But for whom are we currently producing? For us or for profits? Hopefully is not for us. Ask farm workers who are producing the fruits they cannot eat. The farm workers plant oranges, work at the farm until harvesting period but they regrettably cannot eat the oranges. First, the boss would punish anyone who if caught eating the oranges. Secondly, they cannot afford to buy orange juices.

They simply are producing for capitalist profits, and worse they are over-producing. And the more they are over producing them more they are over-working and over-stressing themselves. The capitalists have targets, the own our time and they control the sun over us. They buy your labour but you do not determine the price for the labour they buy from you. They have a price fixed which it is the lowest bidder system. Every labourer has to sell his labour and the lowest bidder is taken as employee.

But even when you sold your cheap labour you still have to work long hours, under low wage offers. Additional to the lowest offer is the cost of work on a worker. The workers has to have bathroom staff, eat lunch, rent a room, travel and other personal things like medicines which reduce their already low labour earning even further.

They will never have time to increase their wages with other works at home because they have no time to do this. They have to be at work at 07:00am in the morning till 17:00 pm knock off time. Travel from 17:30pm and get at home after 2 hours drive. At home they have to eat and sleep for 5 days a week. During the weekend, on a Saturday, a worker is required to perform household duties such as cleaning the house or washing the clothes. This is even worse on women who also have to take care of the children. On a Sunday, it's worship time to wish away the worries at the church.

But on in all is for meeting the targets set for us by capitalists, for their own profits as they would always be the priority. This turns human beings into slave workers on each other, even when they are getting paid. The capitalist pay has never been enough to satisfy the needs of the workers, which is the reason why there are class developments and contradictions in society. Some have to exploit others based on capitalist privilege and production, and this develops into social contradictions within the society. A human, under this system, will never rest. Will work, fight and differ until they die.

It is in socialist perspective and reasoning that we need to demand time to be human beings again and be able to sleep like any other animal during the day.