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WBHO Bursary Application Form


Are you in matric and interested in building constructions, road works and all things constructions as a career. WBHO have an exciting opportunity for you to further education in the field of your choice. They offer bursaries to potential students each year with the aim to help South Africa with economic development and transformation.

WBHO will give you financial supports through out your academic years at the university or college of your choice. They are looking for candidates who’d like to further their careers in construction industry, however this does not mean you’re only going to be working on the ground. When completed with your studies, you will be given many other opportunities you can choose from.

During your study period, the institution will also give you opportunities to have training in June/July. Please note that this training is compulsory to all students funded by WBHO. You will also do Vac work during your school holidays which you are going to get paid a wage, the amount will depend on the year and field you’re studying.

Successful students will have to choose study fields such building science, quality surveying, civil engineering, and construction management. Also note that this fields are available for the following degrees:

  • BEng
  • BSc
  • ND
  • BTech

WBHO Bursary Application Requirements

To qualify for the bursary, you must comply with the following application requirements. This is to ensure WBHO fund the deserved candidates and transform the country’s economy

  • Be a South African Citizen
  • Must have a valid ID document
  • Must have an average of 60% academically
  • Must be a full-time student

Shortlisted candidates will be called in for an interview to assess their passion and skills. And if you’re successful, you need to accept their terms of working for WBHO after studies and during holidays

Applications vary each year with regards to the application closing dates however you cannot apply in November and expect your application to get processed. Applications are usually open mid year, around June to September, please ask them directly on bursaryapplications@wbho.co.za.

WBHO Bursaries Inquiry Details

To find out more details on how to apply for bursaries at WBHO, please send your inquiries via email at bursaryapplications@wbho.co.za and a consultant will contact you back very shortly. Otherwise you can visit their website at www.wbho.co.za and read more.