Want to see your credit score? Check out CreditReportSA for free assessment

CreditReportSA is an online tool aimed at giving people interested in their credit score free assessment. The tool truly gives you a detailed and comprehensive report that will help you better understand your credit status and what credit providers see about you.

Wouldn't be great and helpful to see what banks and other financial institutions see about your credit profile when you apply? CreditReportSA will give you idea and understanding of where you stand about managing your finances.

Why use CreditReportSA?

Once you complete the online form, CreditReportSA will give you full report instantly displayed on your device monitor. You can use the information to pursue any application the report might suggest you qualify for. The following are the main benefits as stated on their website:

  • Know what your credit status looks like to lenders
  • See how much debt you have
  • Know exactly where to improve your credit
  • Updates on activities on your credit profile
  • See if you have judgements or listings
  • See if you qualify for loans

How to check your credit score with CreditReportSA?

To check your credit score is very simple, what you need to do is visit their website and right on the home page, there's a form to capture your details for free assessment. Please complete the form and click "See your credit score now" button to generate the report. A detailed report will be displayed instantly on your monitor for your own analysis and advisory.

You are welcome to use the information however you feel fit, since the aim of the website is just to help you better understand your finances and make the right decisions.

For any further information, please contact CreditReportSA directly on +27 (0) 87-550-1929. Alternatively visit their website at www.creditreportsa.co.za. The website is completely secured and you can trust your information be safe at all cost.