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Top tech companies to work for in South Africa


There is not doubt that the Information and Communications Technology in South Africa has been one of the driving economic sector. There are many start-up tech brands in the country, SMMEs, big dawgs listed in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and more

Have you been working for agencies for while and still would like to join and work for top tech companies in the country? Then this article is for you, we will list top tech companies in South Africa according to ratings companies. These are the largest and most advanced companies in the country that offer a wide range of benefits and rewards to their employees

Top tech companies in South Africa

To make it to the top, you must bring something unique into the game. The following are the most successful brands to work for in the country.

The ratings are based on employee feedback. According to other reports, companies like Mweb and Multi-Choice give their employees shares in the company which grows overtime for retirement benefits. Some companies give other benefits such as free ADSL home lines or DSTV explorer for employees working for Multi-Choice.