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The Youth of South Africa


Are we trying so hard to imitate the international lifestyle whereas ours is filled with lots of gangsterism and self-hatred? Are we really going to take this country forward or are we just going to steer the rainbow nation straight to the ground? One might ask themselves a question as to whether we are the cream of the crop or the unwanted ingredient in a perfectly baked cake?   

Truth be told, our forefathers must be turning in their graves because what is currently occurring in South Africa is not in any way related to the freedom they fought for. Nowadays the youth of South Africa just want to see themselves living recklessly, and they forget that there are consequences. The rights that our heroes fought for are being misused and lead to injustices. Offenders are now being protected by the so-called ‘rights’ whenever they commit crime.   

We learn everyday of gang attacks such as murders, rape cases and thefts. Most of these instances are caused by the youth of the beloved Rainbow Nation. We are being misled by acts of crime we witness on television being portrayed as ‘cool’ things to do. Alcoholism, drug-abuse and the rest. Loss of brotherly love leads us to hating our fellow African brothers and sisters to such an extent that we attack them for absolutely vague reasons. With the way things are going, we aren’t going to be the same as our previous leaders.