The L Shopping Centre - Mashashane Mall

The L Shopping Centre is a new mall in development in Mashashane Area. The centre is set to open very soon. Find out more information about Mashashane Mall.
Mashashane Mall - The construction on The L Shopping Centre in Mashashane is scheduled and due for opening soon. The centre has been in development this year and will hopefully launch early next year (2019). The L Shopping Centre is slowly taking shape, as with proof of photos attached to this article.

Here's more about The L Shopping Centre

The shopping centre is located at the four-way cross to Polokwane, Utjane, Manyapye and Sebora. The "L" in the centre's name is an acronym for "Ledwaba", a popular surname among the community of Mashashane. At this stage, we cannot confirm who the developers and owners of the project is? How much the project is going to cost. According to the name of the complex, private companies are responsible for the mall. If the mall was developed by the community, it would be named "Mashashane Mall" - right? Bottom line: This will be the first ever shopping centre or mall in Mashashane. The L Shopping Centre will be home of 36 shops in the first development. We're not sure who the anchor tenants of the mall will be. Hopefully soon, The L will be home for big retail anchors such as Shoprite, Game, Woolworths and many more. Mashashane is a huge community located not far distance from Polokwane. According to stats, the community has a population over 8 000 people. The community of Mashashane hasn't seen a lot of development since democracy. The mall will be highly appreciated by the community. It would have saved the community a lot of time and money, just to do shopping in Polokwane. [gallery size="medium" ids="|,|,|,|,|,|,|"]

Places of Interest in Mashashane

Just near the development of the mall, there's Utjane Dam (in Utjane Village) where people used to do fishing and chill around. During festive season, in December, there's a picnic event called "Utjane Dam Picnic" where families have fun. A few kilometers from the development, there's a place I like to refer as "Mashashane Game Reserve" where you can tour viewing various types of animals including lions. Checkout these events happening in Mashashane in December 2018.