The Food In This Bowl Is In Your Hair Products

This planet is ailing and continues to be an unsafe place for everyone to live on it. Why are there so many food in your shampoo than there is food in a man's plate?

I studied many reasons why there are so many regions of the world that are so poor that they cannot even feed their own children, besides living in regions of the world where there is abundance of food, wetlands and good weather for agriculture. The multinational corporations that distribute foods on behalf of the UNAIDS, WEF and the IMF, deliberately starve people. They have their own agencies that start and perpetuate civil wars in stable regions.

They stage wars everywhere so as in the course of conflict and civil wars people are vulnerable for food aid. Just like weapons manufacturers, they start wars everywhere so as conflicting parties could order and buy weapons and arms from them. It is a simple economics of "create demand and supply."

The what so called "food distribution corporations" like Naspers, controls what should be in your neighbour's plate. They even go as far as putting the food people should be eating in their hair nourishing products, just to fool us far and beyond. They make sure that people do not plant their own food crops, people do not do lives stock farming and that people eat their food and get weaker. They give them food that are poisoners; that could result in high blood pressure, complications and diabetes. Just to make sure that the people are not productive, are weaker and ailing to make their own food.

This is why we are fighting capitalist imperialism, it destroys societies by making sure that they no longer plant food for themselves. It destroys people's way of solving their own problems in feeding themselves. It makes sure that people rely on food aid. Food aid is poisoners food, it is not indigenous but shipped from other parts of the world. It is not healthy like home food. They destroy the environment thereby resulting in global warming that is catastrophic to living species on this planet.