Taxi driver salaries in South Africa 2017

We all know that taxi industry helps thousands of commuters get to jobs and other important places every day in South Africa. Approximately 60% of the working class use taxis as main transport to move around cities in the country. Since the department of labour announced a minimum wage for taxi drivers in the country, they might see an increase in their salaries this year.

A taxi driver is looking to move their salaries up by R200 from earning R3,220 right up to R3,400 per month. Though everyone know the industry is not properly regulated. The department might have made those recommendations however this will again depend on the relationship between owners and taxi drivers as well as association policies and regulations.

Taxi drivers are the most over-working people in the industry. They wake up very early in the morning and some go to sleep very late in order to meet every day target (Check-in) for good salary end of the month. The people who making a lot of money from taxi industry are the owners and associations in this regard.

Taxi marshals don't much, they earn a round about R2,750 per month as salary. However they might be making a little bit more than that when working well with taxi drivers. Even though the receive salaries from associations, they also receive another compensation for helping taxi drivers make more loads, see it as a tip.


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