Start Your Volvo With An App

A Volvo company in Sweden is going to try an app built specifically to start and or stop an engine of a car. This type of technology has already been implemented by other motoring companies for other different features but to start a car.

The app is going to control the door locks and start or stop the engine. Of course, there will be a lot of security compromises hence it is still in a trial stage. The technology of today changes in a blink of an eye which the app developers are going to be extra cautious into how they wrap their app around some super securities.

The idea of the "digital keys" has been made possible mainly for the purpose of helping car owners to share their keys with others and to download before renting them out. Other reasons include the fact that one lose their car key, they will need to go to a Volvo dealer to obtain a new key but if you lose your phone you have to get a new phone. You can acquire a new app on a new phone.

Every device nowadays survives mainly on battery, phones stay on the chargers all the time but this app has a marginal effect on battery life. The app communicates with the Bluetooth installations within a car but as we all know, there will always be a hacker somewhere waiting for just one flaw of the app to break it, as such the acknowledgement of extra security would be required.

If the trial is a success the app could be launched next year.