Home Community “Sports is more than just a sport”- Sekwaila

“Sports is more than just a sport”- Sekwaila


SPORTS is a game that brings happiness, enjoyments and social cohesion- to strengthen team work, creativity and being innovative in the leadership. It is indeed about winning in the boardroom and having positive results in the field, to plan less and play more.

Moletjie Sports Academy is one of the best sport federations under the demarcated municipality, Aganang. Having mentioned that, it has many sporting codes that are registered to partake on leagues and competitions. This is part of reinforcement to see athletes being in their utmost level.

The founder of the federation, Tlou Sekwaila exclusively set records straight with MashTownRadio (MTR) to explain about the content of local sports, especially on sporting codes which most of rural areas not partake on. MTR understands local sports are one the fundamental to communities.

Most popular sport code in the community is football. Nonetheless, the MSA is not only focusing on that, it has shifted from being disadvantaged to improving their mind-sets by involving  those sporting codes which most of rural people find hard to get involve in.

“The most popular sports in rural is soccer, even the areas that are rural when they speak sports they talk about the football,” confident Sekwaila states. “We the MSA take the ones that you are not familiar with, the likes of rugby, volleyball to mention a few.

“This is part of promoting the sports in the local as we take those codes that we (in the local) not taking part.” He went on “it is complex in the local to deal with promoting various sporting codes due to lack of resources.”

On the other hand, Sekwaila is adamant that their demarcated municipality Aganang is one the best when coming to producing the best athletes even though the lack of focus is a concern from sports council in the municipal. Their academy is well progressing with or without them.

“Every area has youth, parents and old people. That’s the key to prosper if they stick together cohesively, we won’t go anywhere if we as members of the community do not have passion and vision of our communities.” He concluded.

By: Lesiba.F Machaka and Daniel Seopa