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Sponsor A Girl Child is a hygiene campaign that helps girls reclaim the dignity that poverty denies them. It has got to her(Kgomotso Mahlong) attention that a number of school teen girls  from disadvantaged backgrounds, use unhygienic products during their monthly cycle. They miss a lot of days from school as they cannot afford to use hygienic sanitary pads. The aim is to help girls reclaim their  dignity that poverty denies them. Sponsor them with sanitary products such as pads, soaps, toothbrushes and roll-ons. They will most likely to be able to complete high school and avoid falling pregnant before the age of 18 years.  The toiletry initiative might be seen as a small contribution to our girls but it will play a major role in the education and development  of school girls.

About Kgomotso Mahlong:

Kgomotso Mahlong is a woman of God, a student. I’m punctual, have good communication skills, goal driven and self-motivated. I’m the type of a woman who denies herself her needs just to give the second person her wants.”

Why Sponsor A Girl Child?

Each and every month girls have to deal with menstruation, which is a trauma to someone who can’t afford sanitary towels. Research has revealed that most poor girls may miss school for up to 50 days annually due to lack of hygienic products. It is against these shocking statistics that made me to start sponsor A GIRL CHILD.”

For how long are you going to sponsoring them?

“God willingly I will Sponsor A GIRL CHILD for as long as I live.”

How can the community help you sponsor a girl child?

“The community can help me reclaim the dignity of girls by donating sanitary towels and toiletries. Also by letting me know if they see someone/place that is in need of the sanitary towels.  I will be more than happy to donate.”

She added “I am humbled by the support that I’m already getting from the community at large, I believe that together we will conquer…”

Let us all be heroes and #SponsorAGirlChild

Bring Sanitary Towels to join the #SanitaryFunWalk on the 24th of December 2015, when the sanitary products will be distributed to the beneficiaries. The walk will start at 7:00 am from Mohlonong stadium to Mashashane clinic.



Cellphone: 0722769527
Email: kgomotsolucy17@gmail.com