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Save More With WhatsApp Voice Calling


Depending on your internet connection, wherever you are located, you can now save more with WhatsApp video and voice calling. WhatsApp is popular known as a preferred chatting platform which makes communication between friends and families very easy and convenient.

Many people haven’t noticed this because maybe are just used to the norm of buying airtime and making a voice call. They pretty much miss out on a lot of benefits provided by WhatsApp. With WhatsApp voice calling, you can basically spend 2 Cent per minute per call depending on the speed of the network you are in. We tested the platform and actually spend 10.1 MB for a 51:12 minute voice call, just imagine that.

In between 2015 and 2016 years, South African giants (Vodacom & MTN) launched a lawsuit against WhatsApp regarding data voice calling. They called WhatsApp unfair competition and required the application owners to compensate them in South Africa, however the case was not a success, the court ruled.

Comparing data voice calling with airtime, you can see for yourself which one is better. If you had to make a voice call (with airtime), for instance, to a different network, and talk for over 51:12, it will probably cost you a fortune. However with data voice call on WhatsApp, as discussed above, it can basically cost you R15 airtime converted to data for an hour voice call.

As you may know, network service providers offer data prices differently, some very expensive. Earlier this year also, there was a campaign against data cost in South Africa as compared to other countries in Africa.

However you must also be aware of other service providers that specialises on data-only services. Such companies includes Neotel, Afrihost, Mweb and Axxess, they are worth considering since your goal is only to save on voice calling. These companies offer both contract and prepaid data-only services, you might want to check them out.


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