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Safe Festive Season Wishes To All


The season to be jovial where families get together to have family picnics and gatherings. The season where everyone is in a celebratory mood. The season where people go out on many occasions and most of all, the season where people get together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to welcome the new year. It is the season where everyone is festive and full of fun and laughter.   

Teenagers turn this euphorically exultant season to engage in vicious acts such as going out on drinking sprees and staying out late. These pose a threat to them as they could get kidnapped, injured or even worse get killed. The festive season might be a merry season, but it does not mean it’s safe to be on the streets at night. Attackers can strike at any time, leaving the families of the victims in great sadness.   

Parents should ensure that they check where their children are going to be hanging out, and regularly check up on their safety. Teenagers should ensure that they don’t go out individually to avoid being victims of vicious deeds. It is also advisable to let your parents or the adult you reside with know where you are hanging out in case an emergency occurs. Keeping one’s phone on during their time out is required. Everyone should enjoy the festive season and ensure the safety of others. Drivers should not drink if they are to embark on a journey.   

Wishing everyone a safe festive season full of high spirits, fun and laughter.