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Put your words into actions


We encounter certain experiences in most of our daily lives which require the use of the prevalent skill God has given to all, actions. In most cases we fail to express ourselves through actions mainly because we lack the ability to keep to our words. We make promises that we cannot keep, we enter into contracts but we do not put more effort to see to it that our agreements become a success. We tend to fail academically because we set goals for ourselves but lack the physical ability of studying and achieving those goals.

Yes, procrastination may be in our blood but we have the ability to flush any venomous habit in our system through actions. We often make a promise to ourselves that we want to see a certain achievement after for instance three months, but because we all have that thought of procrastinating we leave the work to pile up and expect to perfect it in the last minute. Believe me when I say by doing that, you are preparing yourself for a huge loss of you are into a business, a huge failure in your academic field.

It is often said that ‘actions speak louder than words’, and it is now time to act on the words we say. Don’t just say ‘I want to see myself passing all my tasks’ while you are not studying. One of the many reasons why we fail to act on our word is that we make promises that are either too high for ourselves or too simple to achieve. If we set goals that are too high to reach, we end up failing. One must not say ‘I want to see myself on top of Mount Everest’ knowing that they are afraid of heights and harsh weather conditions. When one sets goals that are too easy to achieve, he/she ends up relaxing because the task is not challenging enough and the work of the ‘simple’ task piles up until it all becomes impossible to finish in a short space of time.

One way to make your actions speak for your words would be setting SMART goals for yourself. Another way is by being honest to yourself and the Almighty. Through it all we must learn to ensure that our actions speak louder than the words we say.

M-Jay Nkuna