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Please Call Me inventor now battle over Vodacom payout


According to report, the “Please Call Me” inventor, Nkosana Makate have cancelled an agrement with a group of people that funded his legal fees in the battle against the giant mobile operator, Vodacom so that he can keep the entire payout to himself.

Christiaan Schoeman made the claim on Tuesday after the High Court in Pretoria ruled that 50% of Makate’s payout be kept in a trust of his attorneys’ account as one of Nkosana Makate’s financial backers according to reports by BDlive. Schoeman and his company, Raining Men filed an application on Tuesday to interdict Makate’s lawyers from representing him in payout negotiations with Vodacom that were ordered by the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court ordered Vodacom to hold or commence negotiations with Makate, following an eight-year battle over the the “please call me” invention, to determine a reasonable compensation payable to him, in terms of an agreement Makate entered into with the company’s then director of product development.

Schoeman claims his company paid for Nkosana Makate’s legal fees when he took Vodacom to court for using his “Please call me” idea without compensation. However Makate claims that Schoeman had paid only R2.4m for his legal fees. He said he agreed to a reduced 53% cut of any settlement from Vodacom‚ but Schoeman failed to deliver on his promises.

Speaking after the High Court postponed his application‚ Schoeman said: “Mr Makate’s legal fees were funded by myself and other funders. He then cancelled the agreement so he could take all for himself.

“We have successfully today obtained an order that 50% of the money will be held back…‚” Schoeman said.