This Thin Line Shows Inequality In South Africa [Photo Gallery]

Pictures from Johnny Miller's project showing inequality in South Africa is getting worse. People's lives were supposed to have improved - post-apartheid.
Johnny Miller's project of drone pictures shows inequality in South Africa is getting worse. Just a thin line separate the poor in townships/informal settlements and rich in real estate complexes. These pictures will amaze you. And we're not trying to fuel anger among poor people in the country but it's reality vs expectation from government. Since 1994, the government promised to improve the lives of disadvantaged in the country.

Having a look at the following areas:

  • Kya Sands Vs Bloubosrand - Gauteng
  • Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course - Durban
  • Masiphumelele Vs Lake Michelle - Cape Town
  • Vusimuzi Vs Mooifontein Cemetery - Gauteng
  • Hout Bay Vs Imizamo Yethu - Cape Town
  • Durban Metro
  • Nomzamo/Lwandle Vs Strand - Cape Town

Photo Gallery from Johnny's Drone Project

Photos Credit: Johnny Miller

Inequality in South Africa

Johnny Miller is an America photographer and videographer with a degree in Political Science. A few years ago, he moved to South Africa after receiving a scholarship to study anthropology at the University of Cape Town. Johnny was inspired by how close together the rich and the poor were yet only the flying birds were able to see the evident differences. He was also intrigued by the way RDP houses are built to resemble the matchbox houses that exemplified apartheid South Africa’s social and political disparities in their size and reservation. Even though most poor South Africans are now accustomed to the idea of separations, that didn't matter to Johnny. He then took the test to the sky by flying his drone on air to capture an aerial photograph of that one thin line that shows inequality in South Africa.