Pay for DStv Account - 6 Best Ways to Avoid Queues

Here are the 6 best options to pay for DStv accounts without leaving your couch. Winter is coming, so please avoid those long queues and pay for DStv subscriptions and Box Office at the comfort of your home.

Paying for DStv used to be a PAIN. But not anymore.

No more; those long queues in winter. You can now pay for DStv at the comfort of your own home.

Major banks in South Africa such as Standard Bank, Capitec Bank, FNB, Nedbank, Absa and so on.

All of the mentioned banks have online and cellphone banking, making it even easier to pay monthly subscriptions and box office.

Come on:

People spend quite a lot of time on their cellphones, mostly on social media. Some of us prefer online banking over traditional in-store banking.

If you're like many who likes the online side of things, you would be happy to know that with your bankers app - you can now pay for DStv.

Enough said - Here's how you can pay for DStv without going to a retail stores

1. Capitec Bank

You can pay your subscriptions with the Capitec baking app or online on their website. Here's how you can make instant DStv payments. Your payment goes through instantly, no more time wasting and waiting.

2. Standard Bank

With their online banking system, when paying account - please choose Multichoice as a beneficiary. Enter your DStv eight digit customer number and make payment. Read more detailed information on how you can pay DStv account with Standard Bank here.

3. FNB

One of the leading innovative bank in South Africa. When coming to rich customer experience with online banking, FNB will never be left behind. Pay your DStv monthly fees or top up your BoxOffce account without leaving the couch. Find out more about paying for DStv with FNB.

4. Nedbank

Pay your DStv account with Nedbank My eBills system. There's no need to wait in long queues just to pay your accounts. With My eBills, you can pay for both DStv Subscription and Box Office. Learn more about how eBills works.

5. PayU

People with PayU accounts will enjoy the benefits of paying DStv subscriptions easy and quick. Having PayU Wallet allows you to speedup monthly payment to DStv. Find out more information about PayU services.

6. Flash Shop

Have you spotted those flash cows in your neighborhood?

Save taxi fares to town and pay for Dstv at your nearest Flash Shop.

A Flash Shop can be a Spaza shop in your township. Flash is a tech company that enables small business owners to offer affordable payment options.

Check out this video, you'll how easy it can be to pay for Dstv with Flash.

You must be wondering:

Has DStv closed down their traditional in-store payment method?

The answer is NO.

If you prefer going to the DStv partnered retail stores and make payment there - you are more than welcome to do so.

This article simply explore more options you can use to avoid skipping payment come month end.