Passive Income Ideas in South Africa

Want to make extra money with passive income? Here are some ideas people in South Africa loves. These ideas continues to change people's lives worldwide.

So, you want to make extra money in addition to your monthly work salary?

I mean, who doesn't anyway...

The answer? Passive Income.

In this article, I'm going to share with you, passive income ideas which South Africans love.

I'll tell you something else...

Life is impossible in South Africa with just one salary income. This year alone has seen an increase in VAT, continuous increase in fuel which leads to increase in food prices and taxation.

Be honest with me right now - has your salary increased lately? What about your affordability of things such as lifestyle?

I know...

... Without further or do, let's get started.

What is a passive income?

There's no better way of explaining this without scenarios.

But here we go...

A passive income is money derived from work, time and money you've invested into an idea.

This residual income comes on regular basis without having anyone put any effort to maintaining the work.

In short, you work very hard right now, so that the idea could look after you for life in future.

Your idea needs to add value, treated like a financial product.

For example:

While working, you run out of cash mid-month, what do you do?

You'd probably do over-time or after-hours work - right?


But with passive income it's different.

You work on your idea to make more money after work/hours. Put a lot of effort and time into your idea.

A few months later, you start earning income. That income grows overtime and remain consistent each month.

Isn't that cool...?

Hope the above made sense because I'm sharing with you, passive income ideas worth trying. Ideas that have been proven and tested to bringing consistent income to those who've worked hard.

Top passive income ideas worth trying in 2019

1. Real Estates

Investing in real estates is the best investment you could ever make in your life.

It's going to cost you a lot of money but guarantees great return overtime.

I personally invested in a property or flat which enabled me to buy three cars in one year, pay for my younger sister's university fees, rescued mother out of debts, and the list just goes on.


The best part?

I decided to start investing at my early age.

The income gave me a lot of opportunities while affirming a bright future for family.


A property increases in value every year. If you rent it out, the property will give you and your family lifetime income.

Invest smart.

2. Blogging

Exactly what I'm doing right now - you're reading my blog.

Write valuable content that help readers accomplish certain goals while earning income at the same time.


I've been blogging for a while now and have seen quite a lot of success.

Here's a live example.

Michelle from MakinfSenseOfCents was able to pay off $38,000 in student loans in 7 months with blogging - no kidding.

With blogging for passive income, you can sell other people's products and earn commission when people buy through your website.

It's going to cost you some money to register your domain and design your website.

But that's all.

Start writing your awesome content, share your ideas, show people what they want.

Build reputation and audience. Start making money with affiliates.

Here are the most popular and trusted affiliates you can join in South Africa:

And many more you can find...

3. Uber

How many Uber cars can you spot on your way to work?

I can't even keep the count in Johannesburg alone.

Uber has made it possible for car owners to earn money for transporting its client nationwide.


Sign up for Uber and make about R7 500 per week. Imagine over R25 000 in your bank every month, on top of your salary.

That would basically change your life.

4. YouTube

Did you know you can earn money with your own videos on YouTube.

youtube adsense

Google places ads on your video and you get paid.

So, the more viewers of your videos, the more money you will make.

It's not easy to join AdSense for YouTube nowadays. Google have recently updated their eligibility requirements for YouTube.

To qualify and make money with, you channel must reach 4 000 watch hours and have over 1 000 subscribers.

5. Network Marketing

Network marketing as passive income idea allows you to sell well established products and earn commission on sales.

The best part?

You buy the products on discounts.


It's a referral business. Instead of selling directly to customers, you help them understand and switch to those products.

The more people switch and buy from your referral, the more commission you'll make.

Here are the top network marking companies in South Africa:

6. Become a business silent partner

There are so many companies out there that needs funding for expansion.


Find them and offer them a proposal. Instead of giving them a loan, you can propose a position in the business.

That way, the business you invest in still operates without your inputs but enjoy the benefits of profits.