Our struggles unite us

We are writing to you from Jordan and Brazil after an inspiring year for the BDS movement across our regions, as our annual round-up shows.

Despite Israel’s continued denial of the right of return for Palestinian refugees and its ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinian communities in Jerusalem, the Naqab (Negev) and the Jordan Valley, we can still see the light of self-determination shining brightly at the end of the tunnel.

BDS activists and social movements have been leading strong campaigns across Latin America and the Arab World against corporations that are complicit in Israel’s crimes, like G4S, the large security company that provides services to Israeli prisons, checkpoints and settlements. The company has lost major contracts and investments in Kuwait, Jordan and Colombia this year.

G4S announced Friday, 2 December 2016, that it will sell £88m of its business in Israel . While the BDS campaign continues until G4S ends all its contracts that are complicit in Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights, we celebrate today the fact that we have collectively succeeded in compelling one of the world’s largest companies to make such an announcement. The power of our movement is on the rise.

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Academic and cultural boycott is also growing remarkably in both Latin America and the Arab world. Students in Chile and Qatar passed important BDS resolutions, and hundreds of academics and intellectuals in Brazil and the Gulf also joined the movement this year. In 2016, we saw the biggest Israeli Apartheid Week ever, with actions happening in 5 Latin American and 7 Arab countries.

While people across the Arab World and Latin America are standing up against repression that they face and fighting for justice and dignity in their own countries, it is inspiring to see our struggles uniting us.

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United in freedom,

Guman Mussa
BNC Coordinator in the Arab World

Pedro Charbel
BNC Coordinator in Latin America