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Only Champions Will Buy Black


What if we challenge ourselves as black people to start supporting only black owned businesses in a sense that if you want plumbing, food, a car, a house, etc you can just say you have a black plumber, food from a black supermarket and all that. Its obviously not going to be easy but everything has its starting point, maybe we can start our own wealth as black community.

Mr Victor Kgomoeswana, author of Africa is Open for Business urged the Black Management Forum (BMF), reported by moneyweb “that is how black people would achieve self-reliance, instead of waiting for corporations to put them in managerial positions in order to comply with a broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) scorecard.”

We all can agree with the fact that BEE has failed long time ago, it was mainly formed to benefit the goverment with its greed and the white owned private companies. Nowadays you find one company with the highest BEE scorecard but none of the executive is black hence it is called the Black Economic Empowerment.

The only way out of complaining to your bosses is to start taking ownership of every opportunity presented to us. At the end of the day, a consumer wants the best or nothing so we can do this. Its never easy going out of our comfort zones but its always worth it. Everyone that is successful today, has found a way to deal with that fact. This is all business cycle, new businesses are registered almost everyday so whether we start building that environment for our younger black entrepreneurs then who will?

lets champion the “buy black” campaign.