Gmail For Android Gets A New Look - Here's What Has Changed

Google launches the new Gmail for Android devices based on Material Design. Here's what has changed and new.

Google has been pushing the idea of a new design concept called Material Design for years now.

And Gmail for Android gets a new look based on Material Design concepts.

It's plain and simple, easy to navigate.

What has changed with the new Gmail for Android?

Gmail is now bright.

Gmail for Android

Google have taken away the red bar on the top of the screen.

You can now quickly access attachments in the inbox without reading the email content.

Warning are more visible now when the app suspects the email could be malicious.

The idea of the new Gmail for Android is to improve user experience.

Google never launch a product without thorough research.

They probably have a reason for making Gmail plain white - for default settings.

Google has been rolling out the Material Design Theme

Google announced last month that Gmail will get a new look, hence they're rolling out this new update for Android.

But if you use Google's products, you'll notice they've been rolling out Material Design on the most popular used products.

Such products include Chrome, Google Keep, Photos and now Gmail.

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