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Must be good being Sundar Pichai


Pichai Sundararajan popular known as Sundar Pichai is an indian-born american computer genius and engineer who worked his way up to being the Chief Executive Officer of Google inc since last year, 2015.

Google Inc paid Pitchai $100.5 million (R1 500 167 929.25) in total compensation for his work of 2015 reported by the company filling on tuesday. Basically the main reason he’s received this much money is because they would like to keep him in the company i.e Google Inc. This type of payment package will keep the ever growing CEO at Google until 2017. Pichai’s yearly income is basically be $652,500.

In a sense, Google or rather its parent Alphabet have distributed more than $600 million shares in their stock options to Pichai that will become active in various intervals in the upcoming years, according to Bloomberg. As mentioned, the main goal of all this decisions is to keep and ensure Pichai sticks around.

Page, a co-founder of Google Inc announced plans in 2014 to restructure and organize the internet giant by splitting it up into various standalone businesses, according to Mashable. He (Page) on the other hand has accepted the CEO position of the umbrella of all google businesses, Alphabet.