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Mother Nature Is Crying


On every street in town, a lady is afraid to walk alone. She fears reliving what she almost went through the other day. She fears falling prey to the violent teeth of some gruesome men. She fears for the safety of her daughter whenever she goes to play at the street. She always has to say a silent prayer whenever she walks to the shop, asking the Lord to protect her until she returns home.  One would hear ladies screaming at night, being attacked by our brothers. Only a few of us will be brave enough to go and rescue them because we also do not know what the attackers have in their possession that they could use to attack us for trying to save innocent souls. Recent attacks on our sisters have proven that this marvelous country is creating an unsafe habitat for women and children to live in.

All this is a result of the greed of an unknown few, aiming to make revenue by selling the soul of their sisters. Trafficking our sisters, assaulting, raping and killing them is all but ONE crime and those responsible shall all face the wrath of the law if not punishment by the Lord.

Women are referred to as pillars of strength and they brighten everything they grace their presence with. An attack on them angers mother nature and ultimately the Lord. Perhaps all that is happening in the world is a result of mother nature trying to seek revenge for her daughters. All the natural disasters we currently face are among a lot of other things that mother nature is doing to show her sadness for all that is happening to our sisters. Surely the Lord hears the silent prayers they pray whenever they leave their homes. Surely He feels every single tear shed by them. Surely he hears every single cry across the country and the world as a whole. And He shall come through for those who need Him.

To all offenders: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The lives of our sisters are worth more than what you all seem to be thinking when you commit these gruesome acts.

To all men: Our sisters need us to protect them. Let us be there for them whenever they need us.

To the Lord: Please look after all women in the world and protect them against the indifferences of this world.

God Bless Africa