Meet the nation shaker!

The Seat With Slu interviews Gomolemo Bogopane. We learn how she overcame obstacles in her journey to becoming the most influential youth in South Africa.
Gomolemo Bogopane - When he walks into the room, you most probably would not look at him yet you would be taken aback by his undying humility and respect for other people. It is only when you let him speak that you realise the power that this young man has. It baffles many how one can be so humble yet powerful. Gomolemo Bogopane is a new breed of leadership! Born and bred in a small village of Phokeng in the North West, he grew up as a very observant little boy. Being raised by his grandparents taught him to respect other people. 'I realised that I am a leader through a competition that was held at school', he points out. Gomolemo believes that it is important to empower the youth as they are the future, however, knowing that he does not have the expertise to do so, he makes it a point that he reaches out to other people who can help him. Bogopane founded a nonprofit organisation called The Pearl of Africa which aims to empower the youth. 'What we do is we help the youth with what they want to be helped with, be it public speaking or any other skill that they want to sharpen', he elaborates. Gomolemo did not stop there! He went on to found another organisation called Prospering Youth Magazine which is an online magazine. 'This is another tool of empowering young people', he says excitedly. The online magazine puts up articles written youth,discussing issues faced by youth. The found leader who is a transformational speaker and a mentor is passionate about the youth and says he believes he was born for the youth. Although working with young people can be difficult, Gomolemo encourages leaders to never give up and continue being patient with the youth. He also urges them not to envy the progress of other people: 'You can't start an organisation because I have started an organization. You have to do because you really love the work and responsibility that comes with it', he emphasises. Young leaders like Gomolemo are hard to find these days therefore we need to learn from them as much as we can. His details can be found non his page,The Pearl of Africa. Checkout Gomolemo Bogopane's magazine website at