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Look Effortlessly Beautiful At ChicPorsha Hair


Girls don’t have to worry about expensive hair anymore, ChicPorsha hair is making it easy for all the girls to look the part with no harm… Pictures of girls in ChicPorsha hair have been posted on Instagram and Facebook and they all looking beautiful in it.  

Learn more about the new wigs and be sure to get yourself or majita get your girlfriends one or two.

Chich Porsha Har (Chic – elegant/sophisticated; Porsha – Portia) a locally owned beauty hair business outlet that produces customized crochet wigs. We are imitating the African hair hence the texture of the hair is hard, we are all about embracing our natural hair and having a lil fun while at it.

What is special about our wigs is:

  • You  save money because you can keep it as long as you like as long as you take care of it. Plated hair will/can be discarded after used once or twice.
  • To look effortlessly beautiful, without having your hair being pulled and having a hard time sleeping for a few nights.
  • For protection, a wig protects ones hair edges since there’s no pulling of the hair and also from the sun because too much heat from the sun can harm your hair.
  • To have/enjoy longer/desired hair.
  • Tto cover up when having a bad hair day. 
  • To enhance your beauty, hair is every woman’s crown.
  • The wigs are so light even if they look big (big hair don’t care)
  • Yyou can easily have access to your scalp. 
  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to manipulate any style with just one wig. 

We have different hairstyles namely

  • Mighty curls
  • Small soft curlsad
  • Soft dreads
  • Hard dreads
  • Braided twist 
  • Marley braid dreads
  • And many more styles that are to come. 

We deliver nation wide

Contacts Instagram – Chic_Porsha_Hair

Facebook page Chic Porsha Hair
WhatsApp 0721584418

We post or courier the hair at an added fee