List of available courses you can still apply for at TUT, all campuses

Tshwane University of Technology announced earlier this week that there's still courses with available space for qualified applicants to apply across all campuses. Please check out the following courses you may be interested in pursuing for a career.

The institution invites all students to apply online as from 15 January 2018, you need to take this opportunity with both hands, doesn't come often. Also remember to bring with you all the necessary documents such as a certified copy of your ID, senior certificate and so on.

List of available courses at TUT

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements are welcome to apply for the following courses:

Soshanguve campus.

  • N Dip: Computer System Engineering – 40 spaces available
  • N Dip: Computer System Engineering (Extended programme) – 30 spaces available
  • N Dip: Information Technology (Mainstream) –86 spaces available
  • N Dip: Information Technology (Extended programme) – 160 spaces available.

Soshanguve North Campus

  • Technical and Vocational Education – 100 spaces available at a minimum APS score of 20

Ga-Rankuwa Campus

  • N Dip: Accounting – 74 spaces available
  • N Dip: Managerial Accounting and Finance – 95 spaces available
  • N Dip: Public Sector Finance – 8 spaces available

Pretoria Campus

  • Higher Certificate Industrial Engineering – 39 spaces
  • N Dip: Contact Centre – 33 spaces available
  • N Dip: Office Management and Technology – 20 spaces available
  • N Dip: Credit Management (Extended programme) – 20 spaces available
  • N Dip: Entrepreneurship (Extended programme) – 53 spaces available
  • N Dip: Recreation Management – 14 spaces
  • N Dip Retail Business Management – 90 spaces
  • N Dip: Management Services– 30 spaces
  • N Dip Agriculture: Crop Production -30 spaces
  • N Dip Agriculture: Development and Extension – 13 spaces available
  • Bachelor Environmental Sciences – 20 spaces available
  • N Dip: Game Ranch management - 17 spaces available
  • Higher Certificate Dental Assisting (block mode)– 21 spaces available

Acadia Campus

  • N Dip: Food Technology extended – 55 spaces available
  • N Dip: Environmental Sciences (Extended programme) – 20 spaces available
  • N Dip: Water Care extended – 38 spaces available
  • N Dip: Industrial Physics– 44 spaces.

All enquiries should please be directed through the Call Centre on 086 110 2421.