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Lets Do Away With Child Labour


Innocent minds of the future of this world are captured and tampered with by heartless adults. Many children are captured and forced into child labour. On average, the children are forced to roam dangerous streets selling cigarettes and alcohol. Products prohibited from being handled by children. Most elders are forcing the children into labour because the child is not theirs. In other cases, some are doing this because the children are ‘clearing’ their parents’ debts. Since when is a child indebted to someone whom they hardly know?   

Children as young as ten years of age are deprived of their rights to having fun just because they are in some way paying off their parents’ unknown debts. Section 28, number 1(f) in the governing Constitution of South Africa clearly states that every child has the right not to be required to perform work or provide services that are inappropriate for a person of that child’s age or not place at risk the childs well-being, education, physical or mental health or spiritual, moral or social development. child labourers should be reported to the authority because they are infiltrating children with the mindset of believing that it is legal to practice child labour.   

During the festive season, children are seen roaming streets and taxi ranks selling to the public while their ’employers’ are at home relaxing. The children have to sell in harsh weather conditions. They walk under extremely hot temperatures and under heavy rains on empty stomachs and thirst when their peers are enjoying themselves at their homes and recreational sites. Perpetrators of child labour expect the children to go around carrying heavy loads.   

Adults should look out for children and ensure that their rights are not violated by chancers seeking to make profit from child labour. This is the season to provide children with loving homes and to show them that we are there for them as family. Let us join hands in ensuring that the future of this world live healthy lifestyles with healthy mindsets. Perpetrators should know that the children are not their slaves.   

Say ‘NO’ to child labour.