4 Important Steps to Take Before Launching a Blog

Well done for creating and launching a blog.Here's 4 Important steps to consider after launching a blog in South Africa. Start sharing your awesome content.
Congratulations on launching a blog. You've just completed the most important step in the journey of blogging. If you haven't created any blog yet, don't worry - I written a beginner guide for people who want to start their own blogs. I thought you must... ...also know that thousands of blogs are being launched on the web each day. But taking these steps before launching a blog might help distinguish from all of them - and eventually growing traffic to your blog. Let me confirm again. Are you sure you've created a blog already? Have you written and published at least 5 posts to your blog? If not. Read this article on how to create a Wordpress blog from the ground up. You will also need to register a domain and hosting. I recommend Gridhost for that part. They offer affordable hosting packages from as little as R49/month plans. Now:

Here are the important steps to take before launching a blog

1. Analytics

Who wouldn't want to know how their blog is performing? You need a reporting solution that will analyze your blog in detail. I highly recommend Google Analytics. You need to sign up for analytics with your Gmail account. I'm going to write an article that will help beginners setup Google Analytics step by step. google-analytics Once you've added your blog to Google Analytics, they will provide you with a tracking code. You need to add that code to your blog. [Hope you know how] Google Analytics is very important to bloggers. Blogs wouldn't be successful without analytical reports. The platform will give you in-depth analytics report from performance, acquisition, behavior including page views and so on. The best part: Google Analytics is free tool to use for anyone.

2. Rank on Google

Look: I'm not trying to make your blog about Google - you must understand that every blogger out there uses Google tools to outrank competition. webmaster-tools When launching a blog, how do you then ensure that google index your blog for ranking? Google Webmaster Tools. Webmaster tools is a very important tool for bloggers. You will use the tool to submit your links to google for indexing. If you don't know how to use the Google Webmaster Tools, don't worry - I always say. There's an article coming to you very soon. Webmaster will give you anything about your website performance on the web. It will show you what people search for, if you have any broken links, maybe your server has a problem - the tool is very good in that part. Sign up for Google Webmaster tools today.

3. Backup

If you use Wordpress as platform for your blog. You will need a backup solution for a blog. I recommend using BackupBreeze for your solution. It's easy to setup and restore backup. That way, you will be certain that your blog will be up and running 24 hours - regardless of any issues you may encounter.

4. Setup Email

Most beginners always ignore this important step when launching a blog. Having an email address in your domain is very significant. You will look profession and increase trust with your readers. All communication forms on your blog must go to this email address.


To sum up the steps you need to take when launching a blog. You need to understand your visitors to target the right audience. You will do these through Google Analytics. Secondly, sign up with Google Webmaster Tools for performance and link submission for indexing. And lastly, build up your social media community. Join Pinterest and Facebook groups to share your ideas into. How do you launch your blog? Share with me in the comments, your checklist to launching a Wordpress blog.