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Keep strong single mothers


We will be rewarded for the pains,tears and insults that we get from the society. It’s never easy to walk in the streets and see other kids with their fathers, you will feel that pain and wish to kill yourself. It’s not good to feel like a failure. All we gotta do is learn from the past and never repeat the same errors again.

Women tears are not for free, God is watching and says HOLD ON. Indeed all the single mothers need to have FAITH and focus on making a great future to the Presidents of the future. Smile each day when you child is playing, watching tv, talking, sleeping etc. Tell God that you’re gratefulĀ for the GIFT. You were meant to be, you might not understand but God knows his plans for your life as a parent.

“We were made for a purpose, we might not understand but God does, he knows everything”