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Jobs you can get without a qualification in South Africa


As it may sound impossible to say this however there are actually plenty of jobs in South Africa one can get without a college or university qualification. Not everyone has access or the opportunity to higher education in the country.

When recruiting for new or existing positions, many companies hardly ask for a qualification but value skill and experience the most. It is also important to get a college or university qualification because they will give you a great expansion of opportunities out there.

Here are the top jobs you can get without qualifications

Janitorial Managers – the role of a janitorial managers is to oversee and supervise staff in a company responsible for cleaning buildings and facilities. They ensure buildings are well taken care of and maintained properly at a timely manner.

Postal-Service Mail Carriers – mostly referred to as “postman” is a employee in the post office who is responsible for delivering mails and parcel post to residents and business around the post office area.

Boilermakers – a trained craftsman responsible for making, installing and maintaining boilers and other large containers for liquids or gases. The skills you will be trained for will include welding and fitting tubes in order to be able to repair and replace boilers.

Real Estate Salesperson – popular known as real estate agents, they help people around the world with the process of buying and renting a property. A people’s skill is highly valuable for this job. It’s obviously not easy to get a job as sales person anywhere in the world however you will be required to volunteer or start as an intern in a registered agency. The job pays really well, includes commissions on sale.

Electrical power line installers and repairers – a job that requires a minimum of high school certification. The role for the job is to install and repair electrical power systems and telecommunication cables.

Retail Cashier – an employee at a retail shop that handles cash registers at various locations within the store. A person must be really good with people because that will determine the sales of the shop come end of the month.

Above all, you will at the end of day required to have a skill for each job post, doesn’t really matter who you know in the company you are going to work for. Be open and get yourself trained and start earning a well salary.


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