Interview with Sfiso Msithini #TheSeatWithSlu

Today, I had an interesting conversation with a young man who is doing amazing things. His name is Sfiso Msithini and this is his story: Born and bred in Tembisa, Sfiso grew up as a very shy person. However, he has always wanted to make an impact. He faced some challenges in his journey but managed to overcome them. In grade 11, he started a clothing business with his friend wherein they sold caps. The brand was called Random. Unfortunately, they had to close shop as someone accused him of theft (of brand identity). This made Sfiso take a break and focus a little more on his academics. "My parents have always supported me but they have always emphasized that education is important", he says. Today, he is the co-founder of a clothing brand called Sich and studies film and television. He believes that one should do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. He wishes that his success could inspire the youth in the township to get up and be better. Asked what he would like t say to the youth out there, he quoted Will Smith and said:" If you are not making someone's life better, you are not living". May you be inspired and always remember that your dreams are valid. ---- #TheSeatWithSlu. Changing lives one conversation at a time.