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Inflicted Harm is Not the Answer


We wake up to scary discoveries of loved ones causing pain to themselves, mostly because they can’t bear the pain in their hearts, their minds and sometimes the pain caused by their physical health. Most of these cases are as a result of lack of communication and ignorance. You’d find that either the one who is emotionally strained is not willing to share whatever is causing a burden in them or we are too self-centred to notice anything wrong with the emotionally clasped.   

When the emotionally oppressed find no one to console them and help ease the pain, they opt for drastic measures which would in the end harm everyone they care for. Some choose to self-harm by means of cutting themselves. Others choose the most drastic measure of them all by attempting to commit suicide.   

One might ask himself/herself the question…Why? Could it be because they are afraid of failure? Or is it maybe because they have been emotionally hurt? Are they doing this because of the physical pain endured? Could it be because there is no way out of the puzzle they find themselves in? If you ask an average survivor of those tragic doings, the answer will be that “there was no other way.”   

Speaking to someone you trust about whatever is troubling you could help bridge the negligence gap. Bill Cosby once said that “You can turn painful situations around through laughter.” He went on to say that “If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.”   

All your problems do not have to end in drastic inflicted harm because the decision you take will be a hundred times painful towards the people you love.Before you make a decision, THINK. Think of the good things it will bring you, but do not be selfish in decision making. Think of all people around you and how whatever decision you take will affect them.   

Be wise in every decision you take for yourself and think for the future.