Home Finance How much do PSL officials earn? (2018 Updated)

How much do PSL officials earn? (2018 Updated)

PSL Officials
PSL Officials

Have you ever wondered how much the Premier league (PSL) and National First Devision (NFD) officials earn every month?

You’re not alone.

It’s always interesting to read about how much money football players get paid each month.

Though some of it don’t seem so real – but we are not going to discuss that today.

You can have a look at highest paid footballers in the world right now.


Let’s have a look at how much the referees make.

Average Premier League Referees Salaries 2016 (2018 Updated)

All the referees in the Premier league earn R4,250 per match before tax and their assistants earn R3809.38. The fees or wages are applicable in to league and cup matches.

So let’s we do simple calculations, these is a full list of current PSL officials (2018 Updated).

Each of the above-mentioned referees officiated approximately 12 matches in a month. With that said, this means officials make about or more than R50 000 each month before deductions.

And, the First Division officials earn R3,809.38 each month before tax while their assistants also take R2,515.63 per match.

Match commissioners in the premier league will now be rewarded with R4,056.25 for each match while those handling the National First Division take R3,987.50 before tax.

Earlier this year, referees and match commissioners went to Pretoria for a refresher course, according to reports by Sunday Times.

Officials have also taken a fitness tests.

This came after many PSL coaches made common reviews toward officials and their standards.

Please note these figures couldn’t be confirmed since psl and clubs never disclose them to the public.