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Highest paid members of parliament in South Africa


Have you ever wandered how much the members of parliament (MPs) earn and who are the highest paid among them? An average MP earns R1‚033‚434 a year making it close to R86‚120 per month according to Africa Check.

The leader of the minortiy party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema earns a bit more with R1‚222‚606 a year, or R101‚885 a month. The leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maimane is also among the top earners, at an average of R124‚516 per month.

However the highest paid members of parliament are the National Assembly Speaker aleka Mbete and her counterpart in the National Council of Provinces‚ Thandi Modise‚ who each earned a whopping R2‚716‚798 a year as of April 1 2015. Their salaries‚ according to Africa Check‚ are the same as that of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa according to Africa Check.

Cabinet ministers earn about R2‚309‚262 a year‚ or R192‚439 a month.

The next highest-paid MP is the deputy speaker of the national assembly‚ who earns R1‚901‚726 a year‚ which is the same as a deputy cabinet minister. That works out to R158‚477 a month. At present‚ Lechesa Tsenoli is the deputy speaker.

Cedric Frolick, house chairman earning R1‚765‚935 a year. After Cendrick, comes a group of senior MPs — the chief whip of the majority party‚ the chief whip of the NCOP‚ and the parliamentary council president and deputy president — who each earn R1‚494‚192 a year.