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Grooming Champions at a Development Level


We all know that sport plays a vital role in rural communities around Limpopo. It empowers many young athletes to develop an identity; a sense of  belonging. It’s also about bringing people from different backgrounds together. It creates friendships and builds communities.

With that said, then club development is crucial at grooming young athletes in rural areas to help bring them one step closer to becoming PRO athletes, coaches and ect, to build those essential fundamentals which they will need in their sporting careers. However, how do we go about in achieving this when the current structure in most community sports is disorganised and informal?

Seemingly it is the duty of sports associations in the province to develop a structure which formalises activities, whilst developing and accrediting solid players, coaches, umpires, referees and ect in those distant communities.

Limpopo Softball Association is doing their best to the fullest of their capabilities. Club development is something that is top priority to them. Because of their relentless work they have produced More and more athletes,umpires and scorers who came from the dusty streets of rural Limpopo to playing for USSA, and other outside teams in Johannesburg.

These communities could use the help of other sporting associations,  they should not only be limited to a certain jurisdiction. The issue is that communities don’t know where to begin with their approach of seeking help in inviting sporting associations to their region so they come and uncover talent whilst offering support where they can.

One of the Top accredited softball scorers in Limpopo Level one is a 22 year old female from Limpopo (Mashashane).