Global Deception and Why Black People Suffers Most: A South African Perspective

In a world where Pop artists are prophets and Pop music is gospel, it is indeed eminent that we understand what “the World” is in the truest sense and what these unholy messages from the Media pulpits really mean to us. The World is not a place, it’s a System that the global community lives under or is governed by, and the Earth is a physical place that we live in collectively as Gods’ Creation (Man, Animal, and Plant). In every tongue, if you have paid attention, the name “world” has a negative connotation; in the Zulu tongue, the Land is called Inga or Ingabade while the World is called Umhlaba, from the word ukuhlaba (which literally means “thorny” or “piercing”). And this is because the world is not and was never built upon Justice and Equality but on Deceit, Exploitation and Control.

And how can you control people unless you have what they don’t have and yet need; in most cases what they think they need? Rap legend, KRS ONE says; “Learn to live simple. They (those who control the World) hate it. Learn to say ‘I’m good, you can keep it’”. But this is a silent war and their invincible armies have become our idols, and by idolizing them we autonomously become self-destructive. The Pop culture is the most funded institution in this deliberately deceptive System

Pop culture was created to tell you what success is and then convince you that you are not successful enough, to tell you what beauty is and then convince you that you are not beautiful enough, and to tell you what being relevant means, only to turn around and convince you that you are not relevant enough. Your uncertainty is the most lucrative business to the ruling elite. So you keep pushing harder, you keep trying new trends, the latest fashions, foods and restaurants and even the latest social and political ideologies, music and songs. You keep chasing the “cool”, consuming everything on site, so you can sit “on top of the World”. Consumerism has become fashionable in the Black community; we measure one another’s worth according to what one has bought instead of what they have produced

So you get a bit of money and buy a car while German teenagers invest their incomes to build them. You get a bit of money and buy the latest gadgets while Asian teenagers invest their incomes in creating them. Other nations are famous for producing and our nation is the primary target market because we do not produce anything. My Brothers are being praised every day for wearing Italian brands and dining in Cuban restaurants. This is deception Bro; you’ve been sold a fantasy and unknowingly you bought into it. You are a victim of this devious System. We are all victims, one way or the other. Those among us with the highest academic accolades are the most ignorant. Those of us who spend their entire lives at work are the most poor. Bishop Kukah of Nigeria was moved to lay down, humorously the hierarchy of the Afrikan government construct;

African educational systems have surprising outcomes. The smartest students pass with First Class and get admissions to Medical and Engineering schools.

  • The Second Class students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the First Class students.
    The Third Class students enter Politics and rule both the First and Second Class students.
    The Failure enters the Underworld of crime and controls the politicians and the businesses.
    And, best of all, those who did not attend school become Prophets and everyone follows them.

These so-called prophets that everyone follows are either pastors at churches or celebrities in the entertainment industry. As much as I refuse to believe that our people are too naïve to fall for any nonsensical ‘verse’ these figures spew, I cannot not be too naïve not to acknowledge the power of influence that their words possess. While pastors demonize those who do not pledge enough tithes. The media rebukes those who are deemed “out of style”. Television programs, songs and printed media are all integral part of the Popular Culture; it’s only different mediums but the message is the same, “fake it until you make it”; a message centered on glorification of materialism. In turn the agony of poverty corrupts a good man and the pain of hunger drives a good woman down the alley of death. Now we understand why our youth is the trendiest yet most depressed. You can dress a tortured body but you cannot dress a tortured soul. French writer Guy DeBord said, “One dissatisfied youth recognize(s) another” and so we see everywhere small groups of bubbly faces with broken souls. We cannot deny that white civilization was and continuously being built on Black victimization. On top of the food chain are those we naturally look up to as Gods because the nature of God is based, first and foremost on precognition.

This is the ability to know something before it even occurs. European colonialists carefully studied everything there was to know about the Natives of so-called South Africa beforehand, so they acquired this precognitive ability; they became the new African God and this gave them the power to control our thinking and determine our destinies. It was therefore up to them to decide who will be slave and who will be king, who will eat and who will starve. So when the songbird Beyonce sings “Girls Run the World”, as flabbergasting as this sounds, it’s not true, this godless World is ran by the synagogue of Satan; the selected few white capitalist patriarchal Zionist elite whose appointed time has come to pass and therefore like a dying horse, he desperately kicks harder than ever.

Black people have been subjects of terrorism since the reign of the white Devil. This ugly World is built upon Black man’s blood, sweat and tears. If the Caucasian isn’t ashamed to murder, rape, steal, oppress and exploit us, why must we feel ashamed to call him out and expose him for the Devil that he is? It’s time for the Black community to unite again because a divided house is a den of thieves, and Black people suffers the most because we no longer have collective consciousness; we are no longer of One Mind; we are a divided house and people from China, Japan, Pakistan, Europe, Nigeria, Somalia, comes rushing into South Africa for one reason, and one reason only—to make fortunes out of idle Black South Africans who never produce anything but ever consume everything.