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Free Tertiary Education In Our Lifetime


Freedom. The right of being able and allowed to say, think or do whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited. We have ‘freedom’ in the Republic of South Africa, but our rights are limited.  Section 29 of the second chapter in the Constitution of South Africa states that everyone has the right to education.We need access to free education, both basic and higher. Why is free education limited only to basic education? A wise man asked how one can put ‘tax’ on textbooks.   Learning has now become an impossible milestone to the less fortunate. Tertiary education is nowadays for those who can afford fees. An average citizen is not catered for, and this may an produce an illiterate nation. All students are asking for is free tertiary education. When students voice out their concerns peacefully, they are unheard. And when they protest, they are criminalised.   

 They say that the opportunity of a lifetime should be taken in the lifetime of the opportunity, but we are not given the opportunity in this lifetime. On many instances, one has to either hustle or get nothing at all. One must struggle to enrol at tertiary institutions whereas there is sufficient capital to give the particular person an opportunity of a lifetime. As said by the Minister of Higher Education, our country is more than capable to raise funds for free tertiary education, but who is responsible in ensuring that the goal is reached?   

Free tertiary education in our lifetime is possible, and there’s no better time to see it occur practically. As said, the future is history unless something happens. If we all sit and do nothing, our plea is not going to be addressed. Our literacy lies in the hands of education, so we must be given a free quality one. In defiance of history, free education should not only be for basic education but for tertiary education as well.

God Bless Africa!