"Flooded but not Drowned" Writes Kagi

In his words, the noble Stephen King once stated that: "If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot".

It takes a reader to write. It's almost impossible for one to write a complete phrase or sentence if they live in a void isolated world. Writing is conveying content learned, experienced, read or analysed among others. It therefore, as writing is dynamic, takes content to transmit content!

Ahead of women's month we feature an enthusiastic phenomenon woman in writing. Kagiso Princess Legodi, born and breed in Mhlonong Village in Ga-Mashashane outside Polokwane, is an astonishing author. The 22 year old champions the content entailed in Flooded but not Drowned. The book which is due to be launched late July 2017, days before woman's day celebration, is based on real experiences rather than fiction and fairy-tale.

"Flooded But Not Drowned is a collection of stories by women" expressed the MHI certified Emotion Coach who further explains the content of her book as being at the epicentre of women who emerged strong & victorious from the challenges they encountered.

Among the featured content the book touches on key issues, which women are faced with, such as: Abuse, Failure, Rejection, Self-identity and Self-esteem. Elucidating the inspiration behind Flooded but not Drowned, Kagiso stipulated that: "I have seen what we (women) go through and I realised that some of the things we go through can be avoided if we make the right decisions about our lives".

"Although the stories are different, they carry one common message: you can't always choose what happens to you, but you have to find your way out and continue with your life purpose regardless of what happens to you" stipulates the Mashashane born author.

The R150-00 book will, despite the fact that its a compilation of women stories, serve as a call for men to join forces with women in addressing social problems, said Legodi. She further outlined that the stories entailed within the book are a source of essential life lesson to the reader. The book's targets audience are both men and women ranging from the age of 12.

As an aspiring writer who draws inspiration from Maya Angelou, Kagi, as her sobriquet, did not only develop passion for literature but she nurtured while in high school and she then started writing and residing poems. She alluded that she had burning love for reading that it pushed her into writing a book to share her love and passion with the world. The yearning author aims at writing at least thirty books.

"I want to impact and live a mark in people's lives like Maya Angelou did, then I will know o have lived as my name will be engraved in many souls than stones" declares Princess, who further emphasise that she want her book to travel places she has never been to heal and stretch many people's hearts.

Legodi, who defines herself as humble, unbreakable, selfless, humanitarian and a dreamer who believes in the impossible, wants to remain a role model to the upcoming generation and shape up to becoming an international speaker. "I believe i am a resolute" she said.

Although she did not study literature or creative writing, the Tshwane University of Technology alumni who holds a Diploma in Internal Auditing, refers writing as her calling. "Every time I read Angelou's poems I'd feel some twitching on my belly and I knew that I was born with a pen & paper in my hand" articulates Kagiso.

She further highlights that like any other road, writing is not a walk in the park, it comes with it's challenges. "My editor would send me back to start afresh as he wanted me to write something unique. He expected me to write to my best ability".

"Before writing your own book read! Leaders are readers. Writing takes hard work and determination. I am from the dusty and rural Mashashane and am a product of government school yet I did it, so what's your excuse? May you find what sets your heart ablaze and pursue it", concludes the wordsmith, Kagiso Princess Legodi.

For more info on acquiring a copy contact Kagiso Princess Legodi on:
Call: 079 920 8635 or e-mail: legodiprincess@gmail.com. Alternatively follow her on Facebook as Kagi Princess Legodi.