Here's Why your Facebook Posts Organic Reach is Down And How you can Increase Social Engagement

Wondering why your organic Facebook Posts reach is really low? Facebook has more ads nowadays and wants you to pay. But you can fix it fast.
Assuming you have a Facebook Page for your personal brand or business. Have you been managing the page yourself or have an agency that handle community management on your behalf? Either way, your Facebook Posts Organic Reach is declining and can't figure out why? This article will help you understand what's really happening.

Why your organic Facebook posts aren't reaching all your followers

It's a simple math really, to identify the problem with Facebook feeds. Say for example, you have over 3k followers of your Facebook business page but your post only reach 17 people. Do you know why? Facebook wants you to pay to reach more people, that's how they make money with advertisements. The reason your Facebook Post isn't reaching its full potential is because there are more ads now on the timeline than ever before. More ad content competing for the space in your personal news feed or timeline. Facebook now shows more ads on your news feed than organic posts shared by regular users. Big companies are destroying small businesses out there. They have huge marketing budgets which small businesses can't compete with. In the old days, small business enterprises used to depend on Facebook to promote products and services for free. Free Organic Facebook post reach is practically impossible nowadays. But don't worry if you still struggle to reach more audience with your Facebook posts. There's always a way, and we're going to show you the next basic step to increase your Facebook reach.

Reach more audience with Facebook Groups

Yes, Facebook groups. If you want your content to reach more people, you must use groups. Facebook has two types of groups, private and public. You need to join groups in your field. If you offer life coaching services, then you must join Facebook groups that focus on such topics. Whenever you have a new product or content, you can share in those groups which targets the right market. That way, your post will reach more people for FREE and boost brand or company awareness. But you must be smart about your new Facebook organic reach strategy. People publish content almost every second of the day. You need to show your products and services to the right audience at the right time. Take your time and study your audience. Find out when are they really on Facebook. Bottom line: You need to join as many groups as you can. Start sharing your Facebook posts in those groups to reach more potential customers.