Facebook launched It's DeepText feature

Facebook have today announced a new feature called DeepText, a text understanding engine, which is a lot smarter at understanding text using it's Artificial Intelligence (AI) project. DeepText can interpret thousands of posts a second.

DeepText offers with the AI project will make Facebook a better platform at parsing intelligence to make the billions of text passing through it each day. If Facebook can know and understand what your status is about, it can show this particular post to people who care about it, for example if a person update, "I need a personal loan today to settle debts", then Facebook can then ask if they want to apply for the loan at FNB or any other loan providing institutions.

Facebook is already using part of this feature on Messenger when it tries to understand similar messages using what is called "intent extraction", instead of just auto completing your texts, this will also suggest supporting words on the message from similar messages with different meanings.

DeepText is also going to be helpful in identifying spam comments in a sense that it will read and understand the post in relation to the comments below, if one of the comments sounds unrelated, Facebook might identify this as a spam which one can choose to delete or hide.

This might seem like a small improvement, but going to be very handy in the near future, the more Facebook understands what you're talking about, the better experience you're going to get from the platform.