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What exactly determines your car insurance?

car insurance
car insurance

You probably have an answer for this question do you, obviously the car in question right? Well there’s more to that, quite a number of factors that determines how much you will be monthly premium of a car insurance.

A car, for most people is very necessary and convenient and costly at the same time. You might afford to purchase your car off the dealer and still not affect your monthly cash-flow. However you know very well when it comes to insurance, the whole monthly premium takes a huge turn-around.

What determines your car insurances?


When applying for car insurance, your personal attributes contribute a lot into how much the insurance company is going to quote you. Personal attributes that impacts your car insurance quote includes age, gender, and driving experience. I’m pretty sure you know that if your driving license is new, you’re likely to pay more insurance premium for your car.

Location and Use of your car

Imagine now staying in Alexandra, Soweto, Diepsloot townships and driving a new Polo, how much you will pay, yoh! Your locations also impact your quote because according to reports by tracking companies in South Africa, there some areas classified “danger zones”.

When giving you an insurance quote, they always ask for how you will be using your car, private or business. If it’s for businesses, depending on location, your premium will differ from insuring for private use.

Car’s age

Regardless of whether the driver has a lot of experience, if your car is new, again you’re likely to pay more on insurance. The main reason being new cars get stolen more than older cars in the country, according to reports. However if your car is a bit older, you will enjoy paying cheaper car insurance.

Here are the cheapest cars to insure in South Africa:

  • The Volkswagen Polo
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Tazz
  • Corsa Lite
  • Volkswagen Golf

Where to go for cheap insurance?

My advise is to shop around, request as many quotes as you can until you’re satisfied with one. Otherwise if you wish to compare insurance quotes, you can visit hippo.co.za anytime and begin the process. Hippo gives an opportunity to see where you can save the most.