Elite File - Datafilehost Alternative 2018

What separate Elite File from all the online file hosting services such as Datafilehost? Find out the benefits of hosting your files with Elite File.
There's a new kid in the block for online file hosting in South Africa - "Elite File", ideally developed to take Datafilehost head on. If you were looking for a more clean and straight to the point, easy to use file hosting services - you might want to consider Elite File, it's faster, more clever than most system you've used. According to the Elite File creators, the website is the effective and secure way of sharing files online in today’s fast interweb world where time is very significant for the user. The best of the “Datafilehost-like” website is that it is available for anyone to use Datafilehost has been dominating the space of online file hosting for a while, with Elite File now launched, it's looking to get more competition like never before.

Elite File Foundation

Much more like Datafilehost, Elite File offer a wide range of features and benefits that users can utilize without any hassle. Users of the platform don't need to register accounts in order to upload and store files. However they plan on offering 'Pro' version which will allow users to keep track of their files they host with the platform - isn't that cool, free of charge. Since launched early this year, Elite File will next week Monday launch a search functionality to enable users easily find files they were looking for. Search feature is very useful, looking at companies such as Facebook, Google and so on, they specialise in searching through huge databases. With the search, files will never be lost anywhere on the internet, rather users will be able to search and share own files over and over again. Ever since Datafilehost has been operating, it's very hard to find files you shared last week ( just an example :) ) if you lose the link they generate for you - that's the end of your chance. Another issue is that the design still looks a bit old'ish but people like the service very much and use it everyday to share files. According to other reports, Datafilehost have over 6 million uploads a month, making the site one of the dominating platforms in terms of traffic in South Africa. Let's see if the new rival will challenge that legacy. Do you think Elite File will challenge Datafilehost? Leave us a comment below. For more information, please visit www.elitefile.co.za