Elections Or Not; The Society Is Building A Socialist Revolution

Many people are asking me why are we not contesting elections in 2016 local government. I have always said WASP, with its Marxist-Leninist workers democracy ideology, played a major role in advancing the struggles of the working class against the rampant capitalism that the ANC government keeps forward to exploit the workers everywhere and oppress the society economically. Since 2012, after the Marikana massacre, EFF was born. In early 2012, the EFF leadership did not have any idea of forming an alternative political party to the ANC. They repeatedly refused. Julius Malema and the likes of Floyd Shivanbu refused to leave the ANC until they were formally sucked. They repeatedly refused to form an alternative political party to the ANC with Julius Malema saying "I will never leave the ANC. I was born in the ANC. I do not need a membership card to be ANC. My blood is black, green and gold". He continued to deny even after he was sucked. He even said he was thinking of going to drive a taxi in Seshego if his future in the ANC is no more.

But later in 2012, the EFF was born, a new leadership cracked from the ANC, PAC and BCM formed a formidable organisation out of frustrations where they came from. Sponsored heavily and outright by the black bourgeoisie class (tender-entrepreneurs) the EFF managed to close the space for WASP to swell the working class ranks with its Marxist-m Leninist workers democracy ideology. The EFF moved fast and swift to introduce self-styled nationalism - which in itself is not alternative to the nationalist capitalism the ANC is advancing. With contradictions, the EFF wants to nationalise the commanding heights of the economy under the capitalist control. EFF is a bad story to tell if you are an ANC. It keeps ANC's tail between its legs. They forget that under apartheid there was a similar nationalisation under a apartheid capitalism. We have seen in many parts of the world where nationalism in itself becomes a new form of capitalism, where the struggles of the workers and the poor becomes permanent.

In our 2014 review of WASP and its political space we said EFF occupied the space but this is not the reason we should be seating back and saying "EFF is fighting out battles". It is not. It is not inspiring workers democracy, but a layer that is a breakaway form the ANC that seeks to have power and the struggles of the workers would emerge anew. We said, while we support the EFF on policies that are similar to WASP, we will as well seek alliances with the workers and youth formations such as Numsa, UF and other labour federations and university students such as SYM to educate the youth and students and far beyond the workers about the type of society we live in and the type of society we need to build. We taught relentlessly everywhere with limited resources and under the media blackouts, but we are getting there. The students struggles, the ‪#‎feesmustfall‬ and the ‪#‎outsourcingmustfall‬, are one examples of the society we are engaging, that we continue to teach to reject the current system.

With elections and without elections, we are soldiering on. Our decision not to go for local elections this year is that we cannot keep up with the capitalist system where to win you need billions of rands to buy elections from the poor. When we participated in 2014 national elections we did so because we needed to launch the party on the ballot paper and work to get a single seat in parliament. We did not get enough votes for this. But we were able to launch the party and its ideology for thousands among the youth and students in universities and workers in mining and factory settings, to reject capitalism and struggle towards building a revolution to destroy the system in a mass revolution on workers democracy. This we have set our food on. We are moving forward and the society is moving along with us. To build a socialist South Africa, a socialist Africa and the community world!